Our Kebab menu



Kebabs are served with salad or chips, a pitta bread and a dip of your choice.

Kebabs... Price
Donner Kebab £5.20
Chicken Kebab £7.00
Chicken and Donner Kebab £7.50
Pri Pri Chicken Kebab £7.50
Sheesh Kebab £8.00
Mixed Kebab £8.00

Wraps are served in a tortilla bread with lettuce and onion, chips and a dip of your choice on the side.

Wraps... Price
Donner Wrap £4.00
Chicken Wrap £4.30
Donner and Chicken Wrap £4.80
Pri Pri Chicken Wrap £4.80
Extras... Price
Portion of Donner meat with chips £4.50
Portion of Donner meat £3.20
Pitta Bread £0.50
A range of delicious dips available in following flavours:
BBQ, Chilli, Garlic & herbs, Ketchup, Mayonnaise and Sweet Chilli £0.50